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We live in an age of smart, digitally connected homes and lives. A multitude of interconnected devices secure your home, save energy, manage entertainment, and monitor your health. Our mission is to install, configure, and manage the devices that keep you safe, productive, and stress-free.

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We are a proud enterprise partner of Unite Lives, an integration solutions and management services company specializing in connected smart devices.

Today’s evolved and simplified technology solutions cleverly merge your family’s lifestyle with home automation products and energy management tools that control your:

Intelligent. Intuitive. Innovative.

From the devices you wear, to the cars you drive, to the buildings in which you live, work, and play, We are working on products and services that create seamless, intuitive, and connected experiences wherever you are.


Onsite & Online Device Support

Get expert support for your devices.

We install, integrate, and manage devices that are connected to the Internet of Things.

Call (844) 994-2200 or fill out the simple form below to request help with your devices. Whether you need a visit from a service representative to your home or office, or some support over the phone, we can help.